Community Development

We believe that to see a community developed means we should see God's intentions lived out in reality in the local community in all areas of life--physical, spiritual, social and intellectual. A community development worker is one who facilitates a local community to discover the roots of their problems and work toward their own God-given solutions to those problems.

In 2006 we re-designed our Community Development Seminar into 2-week modules and have been taking the modules directly to the field, rather than running a longer course at Le Rucher. Any team consisting of at least 5 people who desire to have their whole team trained together will now have a less expensive option with on-site application of the truths taught. If you are interested in this course, please contact Renée Schudel at: for further information.

We also support specific field projects by providing training, consulting, strategic planning facilitation and assistance with proposal writing (depending upon the specific need(s) of the project). (Note: we do not consider unrequested project proposals, so please do not send them.)