New Program - August 2014:

12-day Community Development Seminar with a Debrief





Renée Schudel:

Renée was the Community Development Director of YWAM Liberia 1989-1996, running a "roof-patching project" and training & facilitating local churches to get involved in their own development projects in their own communities with their own resources.  Since leaving Liberia in 1996 she has worked for Le Rucher Ministries as the Community Development Director and Centre Manager.  She provides training and on-site consulting to many projects and has been involved in consulting and training a number of projects around Africa (and a few in Eastern Europe).  She is the author of a book written specifically for African pastors, "Changed Minds Changed Lives:  Growing into a Biblical understanding of life and the world around us."

In recent years she has trained local pastors and both local and ex-pat development workers in DRC (Congo), Rwanda, Uganda, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Bosnia and Holland.