Community Development Seminar

(Formerly known as the Development Project Seminar or DPS now run in 2-week modules)

In an age of mounting world crisis, where top-down intervention of government and global organizations has failed to bring about lasting development, Christians have a vital role to play in showing that development is all about changing society by reflecting God's heart. The key is people--changing hearts and minds. The Community Development Seminar prepares you to take a lead in biblically-based models of development that impact the spiritual, intellectual, social, physical and economical needs of a community.

This seminar is designed to give an overall view of the issues involved in facilitating communities to grow through seeing God's will done in all areas of life in the community, whether a slum or village, urban or rural. The foundation is a biblical understanding of the root causes of poverty and underdevelopment, and what steps must be taken towards solving them.

Short-Term Training for Long-Term Workers

This seminar provides an intensive, highly interactive training opportunity for those who are willing to invest long-term to promote life-giving solutions to life-threatening problems. Our desire is to especially equip those who are already working on the field, but are in need of fresh input so they may face the challenges of bringing the gospel to poverty-stricken communities or people groups. All seminar staff and trainers are experienced field workers who have also faced similar difficulties and questions as they have sought to disciple communities into God's full potential for them.

Possible Key Topics


The first module includes the first 3 subjects listed above and is a pre-requisite for any other training. This module is taught by Renee Schudel, and she normally facilitates the other modules whether or not she is doing the direct training.

The content of other modules and the specific trainers involved are negotiable, depending upon the specific needs of the organizations/teams involved. For instance, one organization provided their own person to teach their teams exactly how they wanted proposals to be written. We facilitated the teaching sessions for them, but they provided the content.

Objectives and Costs

If you would like more detailed information on the objectives of the seminar you can find it here. The cost of the seminar is variable, depending upon who will be teaching and where it will be held. Normally, Renee asks for only her own travel costs to be covered. If there are other outside trainers involved, however, then the cost would be higher.

We are open to running a seminar again at Le Rucher if there are sufficient requests. This will not happen each year, however. If your team is too small or too few on your team are interested in this training, please contact Renee to see what else might be possible for you. She may be aware of similar training programs happening in your vicinity.

For further information, please contact Renee Schudel at: