Frequently Asked Questions

Can I come for a vacation?

No, we do not run a vacation or holiday centre. Our facilities are provided only for debriefing or seminars.

What does Le Rucher mean?

In French, Le Rucher means "bee farm." Originally, bees were kept in the barn on our property that was later (in the 1930's) changed into a hotel. This building now houses our dining room, kitchen and guest rooms. The name remained Le Rucher, even for the hotel, and was kept for every subsequent venture on the property. Thus, we inherited the name for the facilities and eventually decided to make it our business name because most of the Member Care world around Europe used this name to describe us. At any rate, we like the bee metaphor--even as bees return to the hive with their honey and get rejuvenated to venture out again, we see missionaries and aid workers coming to Le Rucher find peace and strength as they recover their resilience to venture out to fulfill the call of God on their lives.

Do you provide internships?

Debriefing: Because internships in debriefing normally involve a high level of supervision, input and reporting, we are unable to provide them, except for those people who are accepted on full-time staff with a long-term commitment directly to the ministry of Le Rucher. We are not the place for those who are looking for a place to do their internship in counselling.

Reconciliation: Often people ask if they might do an internship with Rhiannon Lloyd as she travels to war-torn areas to minister reconciliation. This is not possible and we do not entertain these requests. However, we are looking to set up some kind of internship program in Rwanda within the next 2 or 3 years. We'll be getting further information on that posted on this site later this year as we get more clarity.

Is it possible to volunteer short-term?

Yes, it may be possible. Contact us if you are interested.