Getting to Le Rucher by Air

We are located only 15 minutes by car from the Geneva, Switzerland airport.  However, it is quite expensive to take a taxi, so we will arrange to pick you up if you give us your arrival details.

For those flying into the airport, just follow the crowd and the signs for Immigration and Customs. Someone will meet you with a "Le Rucher" sign once you exit the customs area. Please do not get confused by any signs for France. There is a French exit to the airport, but we will be waiting for you on the Swiss side unless we have specifically arranged otherwise with you (only if you can't enter Switzerland without a visa). Believe it or not, the French side is actually farther away for us than the Swiss side!

No Swiss visa? 

Since we are so close to the Swiss border, it is always preferable to get a Swiss visa in order to enjoy the beautiful sites in the area.  However, sometimes this is difficult or impossible to obtain.  In that case, it is still easy to get to Le Rucher.

You can still arrive at the Geneva airport but you must follow the signs for "FRANCE" to leave the airport.  If you come by Air France, it is possible to pick up your luggage on the conveyor belt once you immediately enter the building.  Just make sure you follow the signs, rather than the crowd, who will mostly be heading towards the Swiss side of the airport.  If you do not arrive on Air France, don't worry about your luggage.  Just continue to follow the signs for "France" and exit through immigration.  Someone will meet you with a "Le Rucher" sign.  They will help you obtain your luggage.

Very Important Note:  We will always expect to meet people on the Swiss side of the airport unless specifically arranged in advance. 

For those flying into Paris, we suggest you get a connecting flight to Geneva, rather than taking the train.  A connecting flight is usually less expensive and much easier to travel.  Occasionally people are given a difficult time by airline personnel (especially in Africa) when they see "Geneva" as the destination without a Swiss visa in the passport.  This is because they are unaware of the French exit at the airport.  Please be aware of this problem so they cannot intimidate you into changing your ticket.  Paris is a long way from Le Rucher!