Getting to Le Rucher by Train

You need to take the train not just to Geneva central station, but to Geneva Airport, so please check whether or not your train will go on through to the airport.  If not, please change trains at Geneva Cointrin station (the central station). This is less than 10 minutes further on the train. Once you arrive at the airport, come up from the platform level to ground level and walk through the station to the main ticket area for the train station. Someone will meet you with a "Le Rucher" sign.

No Swiss visa? 

If you cannot enter Switzerland and you are traveling on the TGV, you should purchase your train ticket to "Bellegarde".  This is the last city in France and is about an hour's drive from Le Rucher.  We will arrange pick-up as public transportation is complicated.  

Important:  If you do not need a visa for Switzerland or are in possession of one, please make sure you buy your ticket all the way to Geneva airport.  We are only able to offer to pick up those from Bellegarde who find it impossible to enter Switzerland (i.e., Africans or Eastern Europeans who cannot get a visa). Everyone else we expect to arrive at Geneva airport.