Photo Tour

Here's a few pictures to give you a clearer idea of where we are and what the facilities look like. . .

Spring Le Rucher in Spring

If you come in late June or early July you can join us in eating the fresh-picked cherries off these trees.


View from front door


Front main building

Autumn Le Rucher in the autumn

Le Rucher in winter



Actually, this picture is only true a few days, or at the most, a few weeks of the year. Usually we are just below the snowline, so you can expect cold, but not necessarily snow.


View from Le Rucher of Mt Blanc



View from Le Rucher of Mt. Blanc, the highest mountain in Western Europe (French Alps)



Debriefing room Debriefing Room

Bedroom Bedroom

Dining Room

Dining Room

Dining Room Fireplace



Guest computer & telephone



Guest telephone & computer




View from backside bedroms



View from bedrooms - back of the building (summer)