Crisis & Trauma Response Seminar Additional Practical Information


The seminar fee includes accommodations, two people to a room, from Sunday late afternoon through Friday early afternoon and all meals during that period. For those not staying overnight, the fee includes a noon meal Monday through Friday.


The first session will be held immediately after dinner on Sunday evening so you should arrive Sunday afternoon. Please plan to depart Friday afternoon or evening. Sessions will be held each morning and afternoon while most evenings you will have reading assignments. These materials will then be processed the following day in the sessions. The first assignment will be given Sunday evening, so plan to arrive ready to jump into things! A noon meal will be provided for all participants, including those not staying ovrnight.


The nearest airport is Geneva, Switzerland. Airport trips for arrival and departure are no extra charge and can be arranged if you send your arrival details (including flight numbers, please). If you need to obtain a French visa, all Schengen visas are also valid for Switzerland so there should be no problem in flying via Geneva.


If you need a visa to enter France, we will need the following details in order to start the process: