Crisis & Trauma Response Seminar Fees


Non-refundable registration fee

50 Euros per person

in addition:

Seminar with lodging at Le Rucher

600 Euros per person

Seminar without lodging

425 Euros per person

Please wait to pay the registration fee until you hear from us whether or not we will have room for you. Once you have heard from us, then you must pay your non-refundable registration fee to hold your place in the seminar.

How to Pay

You may pay by cash (Euros or Swiss Francs), internet bank transfer or French Euro cheque (sorry, foreign checks are no longer accepted). Here's the instructions:

The registration fee is due at the time of registration to hold your place. The remaining fees may be either transferred in advance, or brought with you and paid in cash (Euro or Swiss Francs only) or by French Euro cheque. We will determine a fair exchange rate. If you want to pay the entire fee in advance and something happens to change your plans, we will refund all but the registration fee by return transfer.

Important: Please add 25 Euros to any bank transfer from outside the EU.