Frequently Asked Questions

I need training sooner than you are offering it. Is there anyone else offering training in this area?

While we hear of one-off seminars being held from time to time at various places, we don't know of anyone who routinely offers this training. If you know of someone (or offer it yourself), please let us know and we will gladly put a link to your program on our website.

Is it possible for me to stay extra nights at Le Rucher when I come for the seminar?

We would prefer everyone arrive and leave at the stated times (Sunday afternoon / Friday afternoon). However, we recognize that sometimes this is not possible, especially for those coming from outside Europe. If at all possible, please do make your travel plans within the stated dates. If it is difficult, please contact us so we can make special arrangements for you. If you want to stay an extra few days to see the area, please make arrangements to stay in a hotel. (If you want to stay on the French side of the border, you can search the internet for Hotels in the vicinity of Gex, Divonne, Ferney Voltaire. Otherwise Geneva for the Swiss side of the border.)

Do you offer discount prices for missionaries?

Sorry, these are the discounted prices. We endeavor to keep our prices as low as possible for everything in order to serve the mission community. We are also volunteer workers, raising our own support. The fees are only to cover the cost of running the facilities and to provide the syllabus. All the teaching is offered to you free of charge.

How often do you run the Debriefing Seminar and what language will it be in?

Normally, we run it once per year, sometimes with French translation, other times in English alone, depending upon the participants who sign up for the seminar. We have the capacity to do both, but will wait to see who signs up for the next course to determine whether or not it will be English alone or English/French. Sometimes the course is run in English, even when it is advertised in both languages, depending on the whether or not all the participants are capable to process it in English. If we decide to do this, we will inform everyone and provide each French-speaker with a French set of the materials. Of course, if it is only in 1 language, we are able to provide more time for processing and working with the material.

Can my spouse come and be at Le Rucher while I am attending the seminar?

It all depends upon how the full seminar is. We have a limited number of rooms and beds. Our first priority is to make room for full-time seminar participants. This question cannot be answered definitively more than a month before the seminar. If you are willing to wait and make last-minute plans, it may become possible.

Can our children come with us to Le Rucher while we both do the seminar?

No, this is not possible.