Debriefing Services Offered


Personal Debriefing Retreat (in English, French or Dutch)

A 4-1/2 day retreat with both small group and daily personal sessions with a debriefer providing spiritual input and renewed hope. This type of debriefing focuses on the personal journey of the cross cultural worker as you are given the space to reflect on your reactions to the events of your life. You will have ample opportunity (as a couple or an individual) to tell your story and how you personally have been affected by past events--including your triumphs, disappointments, conflicts and other changes and concerns. Plenary teaching combined with both group and personal feedback times, allows ample opportunity to bring closure (where needed) and bring pressing issues into the presence of God in a safe, peaceful environment.

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Family Debrief (in English or French)

Parents will have completely different issues from their children, of course, so it is considered best practice not to debrief the family together. However, we offer 1 week when we accept families. The parents are debriefed as described in the "Personal Debriefing Retreat" above, and the children go through a similar track with other children and debriefers specifically equipped to take children through this process. A few sessions will be held together for each family so the parents will hear from their children what is happening for them. We have found this method a great way to strengthen family dynamics and it is considered "best practice."

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Debriefing Retreats run by Le Rucher certified debriefers in other locations:

Georgia, USA: In 2019 the "Exchange at the Cross" debriefing retreat will be run in Georgia, USA on the following dates:

For further information about the US debriefing retreats, contact or see their website: Please do not use the application process on this website.

Wycliffe-Zentrum, Germany: Member Care Germany offers a family debrief 18 - 23 August, 2019, and a 6-day Personal Debriefing Retreat called Reflexionswoche "Begleitet" (Exchange at the Cross Model) in German at the Wycliffe-Zentrum, Germany, 9 - 15 November, 2019. (nächste Debriefing-Woche vom 9.11.2019 bis 15.11.2019 in Deutsch) The additional day is to look forward either towards a new term overseas or the re-entry participants will be facing. This is offered by certified Le Rucher Debriefers. For further information see or contact

Holland: Two 5-day debriefing retreats called "Exchange at the Cross" will be held in Holland in 2019 in Dutch:

For more information check out their brochure or contact To apply, please click here to fill out an application form.

Crisis Intervention (in English, French or Dutch)

A crisis debrief is for people who have been recently affected by critical incidents. For example: forced evacuations, war, rape, abduction, armed attacks or complex natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, etc.). Experienced help is available to help you work through the symptoms of emotional, mental and spiritual distress after experiencing some kind of trauma. This service is general offered at Le Rucher in the residential context, but it may be possible for us to come to you on the field for teams/groups. Please contact us to negotiate this possibility. In emergencies we will try to arrange rapid debriefing, but this is dependent on our staff availability. (Note: If the critical incident occurred more than 3 months ago, you will find a Personal Debriefing Retreat more beneficial.)

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Team Debriefing (in English, French or Dutch)

Teams who have worked together for a common purpose and they are having to leave a country due to visa restraints or threat of violence, etc., and move on to new locations, are given the opportunity to benefit from a team debrief of their experiences together. This type of debrief can be personal, organizational, or both, and can be done either at Le Rucher or on the field. If you are wondering whether or not this would be appropriate for your team, contact us and we'll discuss the various options with you.