Certified Debriefers

Below is a list of people who are certified to use the Le Rucher Exchange at the Cross model of debriefing. We highly recommend them to you!


Gabriele Lang located in St. Johann-Gächingen, debriefs singles, couples or families in German. She specializes in transition, burnout or children/family issues. Contact: gabrielelang66@gmx.de

Brigitte Mack, located in Aichtal-Neuenhaus/BW, debriefs singles or couples in German. Contact: info@membercare.de

Annette Schubert, located in Burbach, debriefs adults who are long-term cross-cultural workers. She specializes in transition/re-entry, stress, burnout and work-life balance. Contact: info@membercare.de

Susanne Stauss, located in Neustadt, debriefs singles, couples or families in German. She specializes in transition, critical incidents, burnout and stress. Contact: kontakt@stauss-Praxis.de

Johanna Steinbring, debriefs both adults and children. Contact: info@membercare.de

A 6-day Personal Debriefing Retreat called Reflexionswoche "Begleitet" is also held each November in German at the Wycliff Centre.


Arie & Nieke Baak, located in Veenendaal, debrief singles or couples in Dutch. Contact: baakarie@omf.nl

René & Ralda Houtman, located in Epe, debrief singles, couples or families in Dutch or English. They specialize in marriage and family, identity, stress, burnout, depression and anxiety issues. Contact: ra.houtman@tele2.nl or see their website for a full range of services: www.praktijkkruispunt.nl

Marry Schotte, located in Vlaardingen, debriefs single ladies or couples in Dutch or English. (Children are also a possibility.) She specializes in transition. Contact: marry@mailfish.net

Nelie Schut, located in Drachten, debriefs singles or couples in Frisian, Dutch or English. She specializes in ciritcal incident debriefing, burnout, stress, transition and loss issues. Contact: nelieschut@direction-coach.nl or check out her website: www.direction-coach.nl

All of these Dutch debriefers are also involved in Personal Debriefing retreats held in Holland.

South Africa and other nations in Africa

Melanie Strydom, located in South Africa is a former long-term staff member of Le Rucher and is fully qualified to debrief singles, couples, families or teams in either Afrikaans or English. Routine or crisis debriefing are both available. Melanie is available to travel to your location in South Africa or to other countries in Africa. Contact: melanie@lerucher.org


Catherine Froehlich, located in Geneva is a former long-term staff member of Le Rucher and is fully qualified to debrief singles, couples, families or children in either French or English. Routine or crisis debriefing are both available. Contact: cathy.froehlich@bluewin.ch

Marie-Christine Staub, located in Chatel, debriefs singles or couples in French or English. Contact: mcstaub@gmail.com


John & Sue Belstead, located in Bracknell, Berks debrief singles, couples or families in English. (John can also do it in Thai.) Routine or crisis debriefing are both available. Contact: john@belstead.com or sue@belstead.com

Philip & Deborah Pike, located in Oxford debrief singles or couples in English. They can also host you in their home. Contact: pikepd2@yahoo.co.uk

Alison Swann, located in Crawley, West Sussex, does both routine and crisis debriefing. She is unable to provide accommodation, but there are hotels nearby. Contact: alis@jemburtigny.ch or check out their website: theswanns.weebly.com


Jane Hyatt, located in Kiev, Ukraine, debriefs singles, couples or families in English or Russian. Contact: JaneOfArk@gmail.com


John Crowe, located in Raleigh, NC, debriefs singles or couples in English. He specializes in transition, burnout or stress issues. Contact: jcrowe@mrcofnc.org or check out their website: www.mrcofnc.org

Jennifer Gordy, located in Burlington, NC, debriefs single women or couples in English. She specializes in trauma/crisis issues, transition, grief/loss, or stress/burnout issues. Contact: jennsgordy@gmail.com

Ed Hersh, located in Lancaster, PA, debriefs singles or couples in English. For full info, check out his website or email him at ehersh316@comcast.net

Andrew & Janet Kerr, located in Lakeside, MT, provide personal and group debriefing for singles or couples in English. Contact: janet@emmausencounter.org or andrew@emmausencounter.org. For full information on all they offer see emmausencounter.org

Kurt Lenzlinger, located in Tyrone, GA, debriefs single men or couples in English, German or Swiss-German. Contact: kurt.lenzlinger@om.org

Jane McAfee, located in Tyrone, GA, debriefs singles or couples, specializing in transition, grief/loss or stress/burnout issues. Contact: jane.mcafee@om.org

Beverly Richardson, located in Marietta, GA, debriefs, singles, couples or families in English. Check out her website for a full picture of all she is able to offer. Contact: newsong7@hotmail.com

Alberta Wray, located in Tyrone, GA debriefs either singles or couples who have been on the field 3 years or longer. Alberta is a former long-term staff member of Le Rucher. Contact: alberta.wray@om.org

Le Rucher East Coast USA  is an association of individuals on the East Coast of the United States, who are certified debriefers in the Le Rucher model of missionary debriefing. They are running 2 Personal Debriefing Retreats this year. See their website for full information: www.leruchereastcoastusa.org


Other Organizations doing Debriefing or Counselling:

Austria & Croatia (and even Grand Junction, Colorado)

Barnabas Zentrum (Center) is especially designed to strengthen the lives of Christian workers who are serving in Eastern and Western Europe, Central and South America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. They serve as an interdenominational personal and marital counseling retreat center for pastors, missionaries and others in curch and para-church staff positions. Retreats are held in the beautiful towns of Millstatt, Austria; Samabor, Croatia; and Grand Junction, Colorado. For more information and schedule of retreats, see their website: www.barnabaszentrum.com.


Entrepierres located in France: www.pierresvivantes.org Provides counselling, debriefing and a place to rest. (French-speaking)

One Another Ministry located in France: www.oneanother.com Provides counselling and debriefing for teams or individuals. (French or English Speaking)


Jochen and Christine Schuppener located in Kaufering, Germany, provide counselling and debriefing services: www.brueckenbauen.com or js@brueckenbauen.com


Budapest Care Center: www.budapestcare.com Provides short-term intensive counselling for Christian workers living in Europe, Russia and Central Asia. (English and Hungarian). Their website also has a list of treatment centers and resources in North America that provide counseling.


Tumaini Counselling Centre located in Nairobi, Kenya, is the on-field counselling ministries of AIM & SIL. However, the centre serves missionaries from over 160 like-minded agencies throughout Africa. Tumaini is a Swahili word meaning "hope". Their mission is to provide preventative and restorative mental health services and pastoral care in order to enhance missionary resilience and fruitfulness. For a full range of their services, check out their website: www.tumainicounselling.net


InTransit has extensive experience working with missionaries and provides debriefing in The Netherlands (Amersfoort and Groningen): www.intransit.nl or info@intransit.nl

New Zealand

Piringa is a residential debriefing ministry set up in Rotorua. It specifically caters for Christian cross-cultural workers and people involved in New Zealand-based ministry situations (churches/Christian-based NGO's, etc.). It offers a 5-day personal debrief: www.piringa.org.nz


Bjoern & Solveig Lande provide debriefing: solveig.lande@start.no or bjoernlande@start.no


Ernst & Jacqueline Gassmann of OM provide counselling/debriefing to missionaries: ernst.gassmann@ch.om.org (Swiss or High German and English speaking)


Cornerstone Counseling Foundation (CCF) located in Chiang Mai, Thailand, primarily serves Christian workers throughout Asia. They provide confidential and professional counseling, assessment, and consultation from a Christian perspective for individuals, marriages, families, teams and organizations. They also provide crisis and trauma assessment, psychiatric evaluations and treatment, training and seminars. Services are offered in English, Spanish and Thai. More information about Cornerstone and their services is available at www.ccfthailand.org.


Olive Tree Counseling Center located in Antalya, Turkey, is an independent professional Christian counseling center that provides mental health counseling, crisis response, preventative workshops, and consultation to expatriate workers and organizations through the region of Eurasia, the Middle East and North Africa: www.olivetreecounseling.org


Wayne Platt is located in Wales, UK, offering debriefing and counselling to missionaries: His email address: wayne.platt@iteams.org (English speaking)

Healthlink 360 (Edinburgh International Health Centre) is located in Edinburgh, offering medical and psychological care for missionaries, including debriefing, critical incident debriefing (both in Edinburgh and on the field) and post-trauma support. (English speaking)

Interhealth is located in the London area, offering counselling, routine and critical incident debriefing, and other medical services.

Redcliffe College & OSCAR (based in Gloucester) offer a tailor-made re-entry and debriefing service. Professional counseling for individuals and couples is also available, as well as guided retreats.

West Africa

Mobile Member Care Teams (West Africa) are located in Accra, Ghana, offering counselling (Accra) and crisis response (across West Africa). (English or French speaking).


May be able to help you find other local resources:


RESAM Network in France: www.resam.fr


Brigitte Mack, Membercare-Koordinatorin der AEM in Stuttgart/Korntal: Brigitte.Mack@membercare.de or www.membercare.de/Anbieter


Annemieke van den Berg, the Secretary of Member Care Netherlands: info@membercare.nl


Birgitta Johansson of the Swedish Mission Council: birgitta.johansson@missioncouncil.se


Global Connections

OSCAR - the UK information service for world mission