What Crisis Intervention looks like

This type of debriefing begins with an uninterrupted time focusing on facts, thoughts, feelings, sensory impressions, and personal reactions, thus normalizing the experience. This can be done either at Le Rucher for an individual or on the field for teams. Further debriefing and counseling are provided from a Christian Biblically based world view by pastoral care workers trained in debriefing and counseling skills. Prayer ministry is normally a part of this process, with the consent of those participating. Debriefing sessions are scheduled from Monday through Friday morning.

If your family has been through a crisis situation, contact us to talk about the best options. Each case wil be different, depending upon personalities, involvement in the incident, and the nature of the crisis.

A stay at Le Rucher would normally be for one week. It is best to plan to arrive on a Sunday evening and to leave the following Friday afternoon.  On occasion, exceptions may be considered, but the centre is normally closed over the weekend to give the staff a day off.  Details on local hotels are available upon request should you wish to stay in the area longer. 

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