What Personal Debriefing Retreats look like

This retreat is unique in that it is a combination of a group and a personal debrief. Taking the benefits of a group debrief--a special synergy that happens when interacting with people who have gone through similar experiences in different countries-- and combining them with personal time with a debriefer gives you the much-needed time to grow, learn and reflect individually.

The group will be at least 4 people, but not more than 15, and can consist of singles and couples.

Debriefing and counseling are provided from a Christian, Biblically-based world view by pastoral care workers trained in debriefing and counseling skills. Prayer ministry is normally a part of this process, with the consent of those participating. Debriefing sessions are scheduled from Monday through Friday and include time for personal reflection, meditation and prayer. There will be plenary sessions for worship, teaching and general feedback.

Although each room is set up for 2 people, we do not put strangers who have come for a Personal Debriefing Retreat together in the same room. Your sessions with a debriefer will be on your own unless you have come with a team or as a couple.

A stay at Le Rucher would normally be for 5 nights. It is best to plan to arrive on a Sunday afternoon and to leave the following Friday afternoon. The retreat will end with a meal at noon on Friday, so if possible, please plan your flights accordingly. (We are 20 minutes from the airport.) On occasion, exceptions may be considered, but the centre is normally closed over the weekend to give the staff a day off. Details on local hotels are available upon request should you wish to stay in the area longer.

Supervision, training and confidentiality are managed according to guidelines of the Association of Christian Counselors (ACC) U.K. We are also affiliated with Member Care Europe.


This retreat will take place on the following dates in 2018:

And for these dates in 2019:

When you fill out your application form, request one of these weeks and we will try to accommodate your preference.

Note: If none of these dates work for you, check out our certified debriefers to see if there is a possibility for you somewhere near to you.

Space is limited so reserve your place as soon as possible!

Prices (all inclusive):

Although each room is set up for 2 people, we do not put strangers who have come for this retreat together in the same room.

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