Democratic Republic of Congo

Civil war has been raging in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo for more than 12 years now and millions have been killed. The UN has called it the "silent holocaust." Many have been displaced from their homes, countless women raped and whole villages destroyed.

Congo Core TeamA group of intercessors from Nyankunde who had originally sought Rhiannon's involvement in their area, again approached her after the hospital where they worked was destroyed so Rhiannon began to make short trips into the area, equipping teams that were already formed by the intercessors. Today, the core team oversees more than 110 teams. All are involved in promoting healing and reconciliation in their communities through intercession and prayer-counseling for victims, visiting house-to-house, speaking in meetings, etc., seeing not only reconciliation take place, but peace come to their areas:

It is difficult to convey in words what is experienced in a reconciliation seminar in this region. With representatives from all the tribes involved in the Symbolically nailing their pain to the crossconflict a seminar starts out quite tense, but the Spirit of God always breaks in with amazing results. For many it is the first time they have sat down with the "enemy" since the conflict began. To witness what is accomplished when people in conflict come together at the cross fills one with awe. The forgivenss which then flows is almost unbelievable. And by the end of the seminar when they are given the opportunity to pronouce blessings on their newly-forgiven enemies, it is done with great enthusiasm and heartfelt meaning.