The Latest News from the Democratic Republic of Congo

Prepared by Daniel Masumbuku, the Team Leader - January 2008Daniel Masumbuku


OEIL stands for: Organization, Evangelism, Intercession and Liberation.OEIL is a peace and reconciliation project run through a partnering organization, Centre Medical Evangélique of Nyankunde, in the northeast region of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Activities are run by groups formed by OEIL in the region, led by a core team working from Beni in DRC. The groups have a good background in Biblical concepts, have a good knowledge of the region, and are formed from different Christian denominations of the region.

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord,

We are sending you our very warm Christian greetings from DRC. We also take this opportunity to thank you very much for standing firm with us in prayer.

This letter is inform you of God’s accomplishments through our activities from October to December 2007.

Isaiah 61:1-4 “They (the healed poor) shall rebuild…”
The time to rebuild has come. This is being done by carrying the country of DRC in prayers, asking for God’s wisdom upon all those sharing power in the country and by equipping transformation agents with knowledge on social and development issues.



We need much prayer for those who have been in the militias and have now gone through healing in our seminars. We have agreed with them to have a time of prayer during the Easter holidays for the blood shed in Ituri. The aim is to march a whole day in the streets of Bunia, where they will confess the killing and together we will ask for God’s mercy upon the region for the blood shed, and to reverse the spirit of revenge in prayer, thus to sanctify Ituri. We will pray that people will not surrender again to the murdering spirits in the future. I am just copying here below what they translated themselves from hundreds of their testimonies on repentance in seminars:

Testimony 1: “I was a rough militia soldier and was demobilized. Before having the teaching about (“The Wounds of Heart”), I was a major killer in Ituri (in the war of tribalism between LENDU and HEMA). I was living a life of hatred against WAHEMA, even though I was going to church. So, when I heard that LENDU fighters took Bunia City I was very happy, and I enjoyed thinking this would finish the HEMA people. I prayed that my tribe (the Lendu) would wipe out the HEMA. Now, I’m asking myself who answered my prayers. Was it God or satan? It was satan. Now, I’m praying for others I fought alongside who haven't been healed in their hearts. I want to see them healed, too.”

Testimony 2: “I am an old fighter and now I’m demobilized. What pushed me to join the militia and start to kill was the death of my brother, my mother and other relatives. First, I now thank “CONADER” (the UN peacekeeping force) that disarmed us by taking all our weapons. But I thank O.I.E.L. because they didn’t forget us, and they invited us to hear the teaching about the “Wounds of the heart.” The disarming that CONADER did was a physical disarming. But they forgot we had other weapons. These weapons were in our hearts and they were unable to see them. When I received the teaching with “OEIL” group at Francophone chapel of CECA -20 in Bunia, I was healed in my heart and from that time until today, I don’t like to hear about war anymore. Now I have joined the church and am leading the J.V.C. Choir. I implore you, members of OEIL, to train all of us who are healed so we can go to bring the message to those who are still hiding in the bush so they can also be healed in their hearts.”

Testimony 3: “I am one of those who fought against the HEMA People. I am disarmed now. What took me into the war was hearing my parents continually telling us about the age-old war between us LENDU and the HEMA. This was now the time to repay the old pains with revenge, said our parents. We did many bad things; killing and taking things by force. This was my job--to kill people without pity. Even when the fighting had stopped, war was still in my heart. But the God of grace remembered us and sent us OEIL to teach us about the wounds of the heart and healing. Today I’m healed and I’m concerned about those who haven’t got the teaching to be healed like me. God be blessed. Pray God to open the way to us to bring the teaching to our friends.”

Testimony 4: “I lived with distress in my heart. And I didn’t like hear about NGITI and LENDU people, because they killed almost twenty-five people from my family. One of my brothers was killed with ten persons, and the other was killed with his wife and the new born in NYANKUNDE maternity. I was not a person of joy, but of sadness, distress and hatred in fighting. Before these events of conflict I was keeping the cows of a friend of the NGITI people.  When the war finished, I refused to return his cows. I told him I would keep the cows in the place of my people who died. After having the teaching about the “wounds of the heart and healing” I’m healed. I decided to look for the man whose cows I had and return them to him. I invited him to my home to have a feast with him and returned his cows. After this, I traveled to his home in BUNIA, and he welcomed me with joy and I slept in his house. I am totally disarmed from the heart.


Other News

The Chief of Nyankunde gave his life to Jesus. He is attending many of our discipleship sessions, humbling himself with the low class people in seminars.

Missionary Aviation Fellowship is also doing a lot to assist us. After taking the core team to Bukavu, when going to Bujumbura, they have taken our teams in Buta and Mambasa. There is no easy way to get to these towns from our location now.


20 Seminars were held in the last 3 months of the Year:

  1. Komanda, 70km south of Bunia (in the centre of Nyankunde): 18-20 Oct 2007. 100 people were invited from 12 different tribes. 63 people testified that they received healing of their psycho-somatic wounds.
  2. Aveba, the protestant mission (in the centre of Gety): 25-27 October 2007. 89 people attended from 18 different villages. All the participants were touched by the lessons and took their pain to the cross. More than half their number testified to healing. 
  3. Chyekele, seminar for teachers (in the centre of Gety): 1st – 3rd of Nov. 2007. 110 people attended, including 56 teachers, 16 students, 10 communities’ authorities (including 3 army officers) plus church elders and women. Representatives from different tribes asked forgiveness to one another’s tribe. Students also reconciled with teachers and the army officers with civilians.
  4. Bukela, (in the centre of Butongole): 15-17 November 2007. 100 people were invited from 8 different tribes, of which 7 Ngity, 27 Bira, 46 Hema, 10 Alur, but 201 more people attended. Many testified to receiving healing from their psycho-somatic wounds.
  5. Bubha (in the centre of Rethy): 15-17 November 2007. 104 people attended. Many of them were those who fought, killed and looted during the conflict. They gave back the looted things to the Church.
  6. Tsé,  (in the centre of Chomia): 21-23 November 2007. 90 people attended, including 60 Hema and 30 Lendu plus Ndoo. 40 people testified that they received healing of their psycho-somatic wounds.
  7. Buta, 900km north-west of Beni (center of North Kivu): 21-23 November 2007. This was a special seminar which gathered mostly leaders of churches from a whole state’s district. 285 people attended, including bishops, pastors, Christian women leaders, official authorities and targeted personnel from the state office and church organizations. Reconciliation took place between the two main tribes (Boa and Zande) from all sectors of the district’s communities.
  8. Bukiringi, (in the centre of Gety): 27-30 November 2007. 131 people attended from 5 different tribes from 15 villages. Leaders from the Diocese of Anglican Church, where some open conflict happened to persist, were also invited and attended.The majority testified in repentance time that they received healing of their psycho-somatic wounds.
  9. Ligombe-Briki (in the centre of Butongole): 03-05 December 2007. Only 100 people were invited, but 231 people attended. 148 people testified that they receive healing from their psycho-somatic wounds.
  10. Kachwakumu, Uganda (by the centre of Chomia): 03-05 December 2007. 374 people attended. Many testified to having received healing from their psycho-somatic wounds. This seminar has also opened doors to possibly more seminars in Uganda with refugees!
  11. Mabanga, a mining village (in the centre of Bunia): 06-08 December 2007. 92 people attended, (not those who attended the previous workshop). 85 people testified that they received healing from their psycho-somatic wounds.
  12. Bogoro, (in the centre of Chomia): 10-13 December 2007. 210 people attended the seminar (100 Hema, 90 Lendu, 19 Bira and 1 Logo). 63 new people testified that they recived healing of their psycho-somatic wounds.
  13. Tchabi, (in the centre of Gety): 06-08 December 2007. 111 attended. They were highly responsive and open, and this allowed deep repentance which brought healing from psycho-somatic wounds. There were 10 different tribes and all stood in the gap for their communities and tribes in praying for total reconciliation. 
  14. Central Prison of Ituri, in the town of Bunia: 13-15 December 2007. 535 prisoners were met in the prison, including 40 women. 129 of them openly confessed their wrongs after testifying that they received healing of their wounds (primarily bitterness).
  15. Boga, in the centre of Gety: 13-15 December 2007. 166 attended. Healing was evident and they requested we return to run another seminar in 2008. Hema and Ngity reconciled.
  16. Irumu, in the centre of Nyankunde: 19-21 December 2007. This gathered 53 Protestants and 45 Catholics (since it is impossible for someone not to "belong" to one of these 2 religions in the region). Out of 100 people who attended from 9 different tribes, 92 testified that they received healing from their psycho-somatic wounds.
  17. Mambasa, in the centre of Nyankunde: 27-29 December 2007. There is a main road from Bunia, Nyankunde and to Kisangani with a huge bridge 50km from Nyankunde toward Mambasa. That bridge is unuseable so MAF decided to fly our team to and from there. 100 people attended from 15 different tribes, wounded and displaced from the Bunia war in 2003. 96 people testified that they received healing from their psycho-somatic wounds.
  18. Kabarole, in the centre of Butongole. 100 people attended,  48 testified that they received healing of their psycho-somatic wounds.
  19. Debhu, in the centre of Rethy. 100 people attended and 33 people testified that they received healing from their psycho-somatic wounds.
  20. Loga, in the centre of Rethy. 100 people attended and 28 people testified that they received healing of their psycho-somatic wounds.

 These last 3 seminars were successfully accomplished as reported, but due to transport problems we have not received the full details, yet.


Rallies and conferences

March in Buta

Rally in Buta, 26 November 2007.

Long parade of women, men, school children and government workers who took part in the rally:



There was a mini-conference in Olongba on Saturday 17 November 2007. It gathered 26 pastors plus 7 elders, 13 community authorities, 7 teachers (headmasters) and 5 demobilized militiamen, plus two government army commandants. Debate was very constructive and many from the less educated population were in the audience, benefiting from the exchange.

Mayor addressing Beni RallyThe rally in Beni on December 24 was followed by a thanksgiving day on Christmas afternoon. More than 400 people attended the service in the Christian University’s main hall. This was the reconciliation celebration service led by OEIL worship team.


Thank you very much for praying with us, and to God alone be all the glory.

Yours, in Christ,

Brother Daniel