Le Rucher Ministries
Great Lakes Region of Africa

Just as the tension between Hutu and Tutsi caused pain and suffering in Rwanda, this same spirit spilled over into the eastern part of the Great Lakes Region of AfricaDemocratic Republic of Congo and Burundi causing fighting, looting, death and destruction in those nations. In the Congo it expanded into fighting between additional tribes. Refugees from the fighting are spread throughout these 3 nations and into Uganda, as well. Those involved in reconciliation work in Rwanda have long had the desire to see the reconciliation work "spill over" into all those nations, and over the last few years we have seen this begin to happen. A variety of groups trained by the Rwandan reconciliation team are now working in Burundi, several areas in Congo, Uganda and Kenya. Another large team is working in the Ituri District of Congo. (Ituri, alone, is larger than all of Rwanda.) Tension between Rwanda and Congo has increased lately, so it is often unsafe for Rwandese to travel in Congo due to general resentment of the war now inflicted upon their nation. But many of these workers have a passion for God's reconciliation and healing for their people, so they go despite the risks.

In 2006 a national reconciliation forum was held by African Evangelistic Enterprise (AEE) in Kigali for Rwandese reconciliation agents. However, when those workers in Burundi and Congo heard about the forum, they insisted on attending. The national forum turned into an International Reconciliation Forum where the reconciliation workers from the different nations were able to encourage one another with their testimonies of what God was doing through them. Much to their surprise, it also became a platform for "national" reconciliation as each nation asked and received forgiveness from one another. They determined they wanted to continue this kind of movement. Thus, the ministry of Le Rucher Ministries Great Lakes was born.

Kigali Team

This ministry is now led by Joseph Nyamutera, who is also the overall director of the whole reconciliation ministry under the umbrella of Le Rucher Ministries. Joseph and his wife, Esther, are full-time staff members of Le Rucher Ministries. Joseph leads a full-time team working in the region. The main team is located just outside Kigali (Ndera) with a smaller team operating in Gisenyi (Rubavu), on the Rwandan border with Goma, DRC.

The Kigali team runs a centre where training is offered


LRM Great Lakes Vision Statement

Our passion is to see Rwanda become a source of peace and unity and a light for the nations to the glory of God. Is. 60:1-3


LRM Great Lakes Mission Statement

We run courses and provide training on healing and reconciliation, community development and leadership development for Christian leaders to become agents of community transformation in Rwanda and other nations.

After healing and reconciliation we seek to improve the welfare of vulnerable groups through providing skills and other resources

We partner with other organizations to promote healing and reconciliation within a nation or between nations.

We seek to promote the ministry of healing and reconciliation through media, arts, and conferences, providing national and international courses while partnering with other organizations.

We seek to provide internship opportunities for both Rwandese and foreigners to gain experience in healing and reconciliation.

We provide opportunities to Christian workers to increase their effectiveness and be restored and/or refreshed. We focus primarily on those working in community transformation.

We seek to develop and make available fresh, contextualized resources for community transformation agents.

We operate a retreat centre that is also available as a guesthouse and hosts the Reconciliation Lighthouse, showcasing healing, testimonies, stories and symbols of reconciliation in Rwanda.