International School of Reconciliation for peace practitioners

"Healing Hearts, Changing Nations"

9 - 26 August, 2016


In 1994 Rwanda experienced a horrific genocide; a dark event which has been woven into the identity of the nation. But out of the darkness there is also light and hope. Individuals have risen above the trauma to become peace practitioners in their communities. Their stories of pain and loss have becmoe testimonies of healing and hope; they have become voices of reconciliation; they have become mediators of truth and justice.

With over 20 years experience working in 12 different nations, Le Rucher Ministries is combining the healing and reconciliation workshop and community development course into a 3-week training course in Rwanda. This course will offer concentrated teaching on principles for heart change, healing and reconciliation for situations of ethnic conflict, skills and models for holistic community transformation. Regional and international trainers and participants will provide a rich and diverse learning experience. The main trainers will be Dr. Rhiannon Lloyd, a former medical doctor and psychiatrist from Wales, who founded the HWEC workshop, and Pastor Joseph Nyamutera, International Reconciliation Manager for Le Rucher Ministries, who lived through the genocide. The course will be bi-lingual (English and French).


Phase I - Healing & Reconciliation

The varied and creative workshop Healing the Wounds of Ethnic Conflict (HWEC) includes interactive teaching on God's character; Jesus as our pain bearer; the power of forgiveness and repentance, the role of the church, and a healed identity. There are also practical and group activities. After experiencing the workshop, participants will be trained to conduct their own workshop.

Phase II - Peace Building & Community Change

Through teaching on worldviews and the Kingdom of God, we will learn about approaches to community transformation. A day of community outreach will be included.

Phase III - Personal Development of the Peace Practioner & Team

Teaching will be given on various heart and practical issues which will be relevant in running a reconciliation ministry.

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Location: Kigali, Rwanda

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