This position is a part-time position that should be combined with other roles.  The Accountant can easily also be a debriefer, a trainer, a community development desk officer, an accountant, run the kitchen, be involved in hospitality, or do other IT work.  Not all of those, of course!  The mix of roles is dependent on the personality and gifting of the person involved.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Enter all accounting in Quickbooks.  Manage back-ups and archiving of old records.
  • Maintain budget and cash flow spreadsheets for both Associations (Swiss and French)
    • Produce monthly reports for Business Administrator (both associations)
    • Provide quarterly reports to Community Development director of balances remaining for each project
  • Supervise cashbox bookkeeper
  • Pay bills for both Associations (checks and internet transfers) at direction of Business Administrator
  • Make transfers to projects upon direction of Community Development Director
  • Prepare annual audits for both Associations.

Key Requirements:

  • Quickbooks proficient
    • Familiar with multi-currency tools
    • Able to use automatic entry systems for French accounts (create invoices, receive payments, record deposits and write checks) with French Chart of Accounts (entries can be in English or French)
    • Able to use double entry system for Swiss system and work with multiple currencies (everything in English)
  • Microsoft Office (Excel, Word)
  • Good general computing and internet skills

Character Qualities:

  • Detailed
  • Proactive
  • Patient
  • Team player


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