What is Crisis Debriefing?

or "Crisis Intervention"

Crisis debriefing is for people who have been recently affected by critical incidents such as:

  • forced evacuations, bombings

  • war, rape, abduction, death of teammates

  • armed attacks, Ebola or other plagues

  • vehicle accidents resulting in deaths

or complex natural disasters such as

  • earthquakes, tsunamis

  • floods, landslides

We may have good contingency plans in place, but when a distressing incident occurs, it always disrupts our normal routines, ordinary life expectations or experience and will impact us in unexpected ways.  Trauma is caused because we do not know how to naturally cope with a critical incident and it quickly overwhelms us.

If possible, it is always good to have an on-field, defusion of the event within a day or 2, to assure those involved that their feelings are normal.  Defusings are limited only to individuals directly involved in the incident and are designed to assist individuals cope in the short term and address immediate needs. 

Whether or not a defusion has been done, the next level of help is a crisis debrief by experienced people to assist you to work through the symptoms of emotional, mental and spiritual distress after going through some kind of trauma.  This is called “crisis intervention” or “crisis debriefing.” A good crisis debrief may forestall PTSD and enable people to continue in the work (either on the same field or in a new place). We offer this service at Le Rucher in a residential context, but it may be possible for us to come to you on the field for teams/groups.


Cross-cultural workers are facing these situations more often then any day before.

When? Where? 

No one plans for a crisis to happen on a specific date but we can almost guarantee it will occur at the most inopportune time for everyone.  At Le Rucher we try not to book our calendar solid so we can suddenly make room for a crisis debrief, whether it is being held at Le Rucher or by forming a team to come to you at your location.

We endeavor to provide a rapid response in an emergency situation, but this is dependent on our staff availability.

Over the years we have helped large and small teams, families, and mission administrators deal with events ranging from kidnapping and murder to war and evacuations.

In the case of mission administrators looking for quick help for a team that has been through a critical incident (especially if it is still ongoing or the team has not yet evacuated), please contact us as soon as possible.  We are willing to be on “stand-by” for immediate response when they are released.



This type of debriefing begins with an uninterrupted time focusing on facts, thoughts, feelings, sensory impressions and personal reactions, thus normalizing the experience. Further debriefing and counseling are provided from a Christian Biblically-based world view by pastoral care workers trained in debriefing and counseling skills. Prayer ministry is normally a part of this process, with the consent of those participating.

A stay at Le Rucher would normally be for one week.



All our costs are based on a 5-night stay.  If your stay is longer or shorter, it will be adjusted.


Just click on the applicable button below and answer a few questions.  We will get back to you right away and see what we can arrange.

What people are saying

“We have been encouraged and greatly helped in coming to terms with our extremely difficult imprisonment in a war torn country.”

From a team of people who had been held hostage for 3-/12 months.

“The debriefing helped bring a sense of healing with my team.  I was glad for the scriptural emphasis and I felt release inside as I brought my pains and disappointments to the cross. “

“How deeply grateful we all were for the caring support and wise assistance we received during our days with you at Le Rucher.”

From a family who had been hijacked and wounded by gunfire.

“It was most important that our team had this time together. the debriefing helped me come to closure & new beginnings.”


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