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We provide coaching for project leaders, strategic planning facilitation for on-site teams, assistance in writing project proposals and making donor reports, debriefing and a wide range of training on the field.

We are presently working with projects spanning north to south across the continent of Africa and in Southeast Asia.  In the past we have been involved with projects in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, as well.

Note:  Our training is a prerequisite for this type of consultation.


We offer a 1-3 week intensive, highly interactive training opportunity for those who are willing to invest long-term to promote life-giving solutions to life-threatening problems.  Our priority is to equip those who are already working on the field, but in need of fresh input so they may face the challenges of bringing the gospel to poverty-stricken communities or people groups.

We especially enjoy working with local pastors or groups that want to bring Biblical development to their communities.

We believe to see a community developed means we should see God’s intentions lived out in reality in the local community in all areas of life:  physical, spiritual, social and intellectual.  A community development worker is one who facilitates a local community to discover the roots of their problems and work toward their own God-given solutions to those problems. 

Our training is designed to give an overall view of the issues in facilitating communities to grow through seeing God’s will done in all areas of life in the community, whether a slum or village, urban or rural.  The foundation is a Biblical understanding of the root causes of poverty and underdevelopment and what steps must be taken towards solving them.

    Key topics include:

    Biblical Worldview of Development

    We compare the Animistic and Secular worldviews with a Biblical worldview on key topics that affect development such as Creation, Creativity, Time, Work and Poverty and discover what beliefs may be holding back entire communities from growing into God’s intentions for them.

    Kingdom of God and Development

    We look at how Jesus exemplified living out the Kingdom of God in his community in practical ways and we design strategies to express God’s Kingdom principles. We learn how to empower people to begin development with their own resources already available in their communities.

    Biblical Principles of Development

    This includes some basic skills training to replace paternalism with partnership, group facilitation (how to ask questions to encourage the community to begin discovering their own resources and options), appreciative inquiry and evaluation.

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