The Healing Hearts Transforming Nations Workshop and Training Program are coming to Le Rucher!


22 – 25 February 2023


Training Program:

26 February  – 2 March, 2023

Hope for this broken world

Even in the face of all the pain in this broken world, we believe strongly that there is hope, because we believe in the God of hope (Ro. 15:13). Hope is part of His character – He cannot be otherwise.  God has a strategy to use His church to be the agents of healing and reconciliation in the different nations.  But first, the church must be healed.

Dr. Rhiannon Lloyd began developing our approach to reconciliation in Rwanda in the wake of the horrific genocide of 1994.  Today the workshop she developed is being run actively by Africans in Rwanda, Congo, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Uganda and Southern Sudan.  In addition, others have carried it around the world.

Dr. Lloyd now leads “Healing the Nations” equipping the church to be an agent of healing and reconciliation in the midst of ethnic conflict.  If you are looking for reconciliation resources or just want more info on what is available, check out her website.


We first got involved with the ministry of reconciliation in Rwanda in 2001 and opened a regional office in Kigali in 2006 run by Joseph Nyamutera to serve the many teams working around the region in reconciliation.  Our goal was always to see the team in Kigali operate as a separate entity and in 2016 we were pleased to release them to open a new ministry called “Rabagirana Ministry” doing even more in the region and expanding around the globe.  We continue to work with them as a partnering organization. 

Today Rabagirana Ministries has a physical center where they run international reconciliation schools, Bible training, simple skills training for the poor in their community, run ethnic reconciliation workshops in prisons, produce reconciliation music cd’s and dvd’s, showcase positive signs of reconciliation and work with community development projects–just to name a few things they are doing!  Click on their logo to get a full picture.  



Way of Peace is another very active reconciliation project operating in Africa.  They are also fully trained in debriefing and have assisted us in debriefing other teams around the continent.  They have won awards in Kenya for their peace building and are being showcased on radio programs.  Check out their website for more up-to-date info by clicking on their logo.



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