If you’ve ever been to Le Rucher for a debriefing retreat or a training program, you are already aware how much the food service team contributes to the ambiance of the ministry.  We have a value to provide delicious, wholesome meals to those coming from difficult places of service. Right now we are seeking someone to become our main cook who can also lead a team of volunteers (most likely, different people each time). 

This position is a part-time position that should be combined with other roles.  The cook can easily be involved in any other position at Le Rucher, except debriefer and trainer.  Your role as cook requires you to be running the kitchen during the debriefing and training weeks.  You would get to fellowship with the guests around the meal tables.    

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Recruit volunteers and lead catering team
  • Plan and prepare meals for guests and staff (about 1 week each month at this time)
    • Breakfast – prepare self-service cereals, fruit, coffee, bread, cheese and meat plates
    • Morning breaks – coffee, tea, cookies, nuts, fruit
    • Lunch – prepare a variety of fresh vegetables, cheese and meat plates, soup or special salad, served cafeteria-style
    • Afternoon breaks (only during seminars) – coffee, tea, cookies, nuts, fruit
    • Dinner – prepare an international/European hot meal with one main dish, and vegetables (dessert optional) – served family style at tables
  • Make shopping list and lead shopping trips (with volunteers)
    • Maintain staples in kitchen
    • Within budget, purchase appropriate kitchen tools
  • Organize and maintain clean kitchen and pantry


Key Requirements:

  • Able to cook for a family of 8, but willing to multiply that skill out to as many as 24 people (you don’t have to be a professional chef!)
  • Leadership skills
  • Planning skills
  • Time management skills
  • General computing and internet skills

Character Qualities:

  • Creative
  • Flexible
  • Proactive
  • Patient
  • Team player
  • Friendly & hospitable


Find us:

We are physically located in France, only 15 minutes from the Geneva, Switzerland airport: 

2067 Route de Tutegny

01170 Cessy, France

Tel:  +33(0)450.28.03.81

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