What is Debriefing?

Debriefing is an opportunity to share your experiences in a structured process with caring, trained people who will give you ample time and space to reflect on them and the impact they are having on all your relationships.

The Le Rucher Exchange at the Cross model of debriefing will encourage you to:

  • Tell your story in as much detail as you like
  • Identify how your experiences may have impacted you
  • Look at how you are responding to the situation on a daily basis
  • Discover new perspectives and respond to Jesus

debriefing’s immediate value for you


  • It will give you the space to talk about your cross-cultural life with people who understand.  Walking alongside you will be seasoned professional debriefers who have also lived cross-culturally.  You will be free to talk one-on-one about your experiences without pressure and with full choice about how detailed or how deep you want to share.
  • It will help you evaluate and process your experiences. . . rather than trying to forget or letting them overwhelm you.  While you will be processing individually (or together with your spouse), you will also be part of a bigger group that is in the same stage of process.  You’ll realize that many others are in similar situations, even though they may work on the opposite side of the world.
  •  It will assist you in dealing with conflicts and to process unfulfilled expectations. Disappointment and inter-personal conflicts are a major contributor to our personal stress.  This can eventually lead to burnout and people leaving the field.  You will be given an opportunity to identify root causes and tools to enrich your personal self-care strategies.

debriefing’s long-term value for you

  • It will assist you in processing your experience and to gain perspective.  This kind of process will help you to integrate the story of your life on the field with your life in your home country or your new field of work.
  • It will strengthen your resilience.   You will identify personal strategies that will enable you to persevere in your calling.
  • It will bring closure to past events and help you look to the future. This is especially helpful for both those in transition or those who have been through a critical incident.

debriefing is


  • It is NOT counselling or therapy.  While some basic counselling may be involved, we do not get involved in long-term counselling situations.  When appropriate, we will suggest some people pursue follow-up counselling in their home country.
  • It is NOT something that is just done when people are not handling a situation well.  Debriefing is a tool that can be used as self-care, not something only to use when everything else has failed.
  • It is NOT an opportunity for administration to gather information, evaluate or confront.  Nothing that is shared in the debriefing process is communicated to anyone else without your full approval and involvement.

At Le Rucher 

This year we are offering a variety of debriefing experiences.  We have:

  • Personal Debriefing Retreats
  • Individual Personal Debriefing
  • Online Personal Debriefing
  • Family Debriefing Retreats



Personal Debriefing Retreats 


1 – 6 October 2023

15 -20 October 2023

12 – 17 November 2023


Family Debriefing Retreats 

25 – 30 June 2023 

9 – 14 July 2023 



Individual Personal Debriefing

14 – 19 May 2023

21 – 26 May 2023 

28 May – 2 June 2023 

4 – 9 June 2023

11 – 16 June 2023



Online Personal Debriefing

14 – 19 May 2023

21 – 26 May 2023 

28 May – 2 June 2023 

4 – 9 June 2023

11 – 16 June 2023


The Netherlands 

In Dutch only

3 – 8 September 2023

12 – 17 November 2023 (Family)

10 – 15 December 202

Georgia, USA


In German only 

9 – 14 July 2023 (Family)

18 – 24 November 2023

21 – 26 July 2024 (Family)

16 – 22 November 2024

20 – 25 July 2025  (Family)


What people are saying. . .

“I was not really looking forward to this week because I felt it might be quite confronting. But now I am so grateful – this is a new beginning for me, to the glory of His name.”

“This place has given me a new beginning. I came exhausted physically, emotionally and spiritually. I leave feeling stronger in all ways.”

“My time at Le Rucher has been a powerful time of hearing God’s voice.  It was here He laid down the foundation blocks for my future.”

“I am going away from here so refreshed and with so much joy in my heart because of the goodness of God to me through you.”

“It was a privilege to be together with so many diamonds.”


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