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European School of Reconciliation

21-30 May, 2024


We invite Christian leaders of churches, schools and organizations working the immigrants and refugees as well as missionaries working in divided communities to take part in our first European School of Reconciliation at Le Rucher.

Across Europe, we experience escalating violence and conflicts, the effects of immigration, and symptoms of unhealed historical wounds.  These serve as evidence of the need for healing and reconciliation in families, churches, and communities.

Learn how to help your hurting community be healed through taking part in the Healing Hearts Transforming Nations (HHTN) workshop, followed by a training course that will equip you to run the workshop in your area of ministry.


Principal Speakers / Workshop and Course Facilitators

Dr. Joseph Nyamutera is a Rwandan pastor who lived through the pain of the genocide.  He became Le Rucher Ministries director for Rwanda and East Africa.

After 2016 Le Rucher stepped back as an NGO and Joseph continued as director of the Rwandan NGO, Rabagirana Ministries based near Kigali, with full support of Le Rucher.

He has worked for many years with Rhiannon and now spends much of this time training others to lead workshops throughout the world.    At the same time, he has been and still is the Director of Reconciliation for Mercy Ministries International.  He is key to the development of Healing Hearts Transforming Nations Global.

Joseph has been commissioned by the World Evangelical Alliance to co-lead the Migration and Refugee Network to explore, strategize and provide leadership in helping the WEA live out its purpose in this sphere of global ministry.


Dr. Joseph Nyamutera

Rev. George de Vuyst is an American pastor with Resonate Global Mission.  He has been serving in Ukraine for over 20 years. 

After Russia first invaded Ukraine in 2014, he began to run the HHTN workshop across the front line between Ukraine and Russia.  He also developed the Eurasian School of Reconciliation to train others to run the Healing Hearts Transforming Nations workshop from all over Europe and nations of the former Soviet Union. 

He is involved with the development of HHTN Global and has been running workshops and training courses in the USA.  He completed the 2015 International School of Reconciliation in Rwanda.




Rev. George de Vuyst

Dr. Rhiannon Lloyd trained as a doctor of medicine and psychiatry and worked in the National Health Service in the UK.  Since 1985, beginning with a time of training with Youth With A Mission, she has worked extensively in cross-cultural situations.

She began developing our approach to reconciliation in Rwanda in the wake of the horrific genocide of 1994. What started as the smallest of seeds has now grown into a tree with national teams of peace-makers working in many nations.

Rhiannon was also an active participant in the Europe-Africa Reconciliation Process, and has been involved in public acts of repentance in DR Congo, Rwanda, and Kenya.  She has spoken in schools, churches, prisons, public meetings, Government prayer breakfasts, and on radio and television broadcasts in numerous countries.



Dr. Rhiannon Lloyd

Rev. Szabina Sztojka is one of the first Roma clergywomen ordained in the Reformed Church in Hungary.  She is the leader of the church’s national Roma Ministry and the leader of the Ecumenical Diaconal Year Program (an international volunteer hosting and sending program).

Szabina has years of experience working with Roma communities in Hungary.  She earned her ThM degree at Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, Georgia (USA).  She is a graduate of the 2018 International School of Reconciliation in Kigali, Rwanda.

The work of reconciliation is one of her passions.  She facilitates Healing Hearts Transformation Nations reconciliation events internationally and continues to develop the ministry in Hungary.



Rev. Szabina Sztojka


The European School of Reconciliation includes 2 sections. It begins with the Healing Hearts Transforming Nations (HHTN) Workshop and is immediately followed by a Training of Facilitators Course to learn how to run the HHTN Workshop.  You may do the HHTN Workshop without the Training of Facilitators course, but taking part in the HHTN Workshop is a prerequisite to doing the Training of Facilitators Course.  Once you have done both sections, you will have completed the European School of Reconciliation.

Healing Hearts Transforming Nations Workshop



21 – 24 May 2024

The objective of this workshop will be to enable you to genuinely open your heart to God’s word as it speaks about our need for healing and reconciliation.  It will deal with preconceptions and wrong attitudes and help you to find your own healing.

Warning:  Although there will be the opportunity to look at the theology behind the workshop, this is not academic exercise.  All the pain, trauma, healing and reconciliation of many people have been poured into this workshop.  You will be touched by God.  You may be changed.


Tuesday, 21 May – Friday 24 May – One evening and three full days.

Please plan to arrive Tuesday 21 May. The workshop will begin at 6:00 PM with an evening meal and an introduction to the course immediately following.  Every session must be attended

Wednesday – Friday will begin each day at 8:30 AM and will end after the evening meal each day.  We would like everyone attending, whether you are lodging at Le Rucher or not, to stay for the evening meal.

For those staying at Le Rucher but not staying for the Training of Facilitators Course, please plan your departure for the morning of Saturday, 25 May.

European School of Reonciliation


HHTN Workshop (as above)


Training of Facilitators

26 – 30 May

The objective of this course is to train facilitators to run the Healing Hearts Transforming Nations Workshop.  You will be taken in detail through what has been learned over 25 years.  This includes the best approach, the pit falls, the joys, and the difficulties.  In short, all the learning from running the workshop in many different countries.  There will be plenty of time for discussion and practical sessions.

You must have attended the Healing Hearts Transforming Nations workshop to take part in this training course.

Sunday, 26 May (2:00 PM) – Thursday 30 May (evening)

For those who stay at Le Rucher after attending the Workshop, Saturday will be a free day with the option to go into Geneva (at an additional cost).  Those who attend the workshop but have not stayed at Le Rucher, please be back to Le Rucher by 2:00 PM on Sunday to begin the training program.

Monday – Thursday will begin each day at 8:30 AM and will end after the evening meal each day.  We would like everyone attending, whether you are lodging at Le Rucher or not, to stay for the evening meal.  Every sessions must be attended.

For those staying at Le Rucher  please plan your departure for the morning of Friday, 31 May.

Le Rucher is located in France, just over the border from Geneva, Switzerland.  Please fly into Geneva.  If you are taking the train, please take the train to Geneva airport, not downtown Geneva.  You may need to pass via downtown (depending on what direction you are arriving from), but either stay on the the train to the next stop or make a connection to the airport.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the nearest airport?

Fly into Geneva, Switzerland.  We are only 20 minutes from the airport.  Paris is a very, very long way away!  Switzerland is a Schengen country so if you have a visa for France or another “Schengen country” you do not need one for Switzerland.  Please do NOT take the French exit from the airport.  We expect everyone to “follow the crowd” and meet us on the Swiss side of the airport.  

Should I arrange to take a taxi from the airort?

This is up to you, of course, but we are quite happy to pick you up for no charge.  Just make sure we have your arrival details.

Is it possible for me to stay extra nights at Le Rucher?

Sorry, we are unable to host you for extra nights.  You should plan to arrive on Tuesday afternoon and leave on Saturday morning, the 25th (if you are only doing the workshop), or leave on Friday morning,  the 31st (if you are staying for both programs).

What about my diet preferences?

We seek to serve healthy, delicious, Mediterranean-style meals. Normally, we have enough choice on the table that anyone can find enough to eat. There’s always lots of vegetables in case you prefer not to eat whatever main course is being served. (It’s easy to avoid carbohydrates or cheeses because there are so many options and fresh fruit is available all day long.) Unless you have a serious allergy (like nuts) that the kitchen needs to avoid, you don’t need to let us know about your diet preferences ahead of time. We are confident you will be satisfied with our menus.

Are there shops within walking distance?

That all depends on your definition of walking distance!  We are on the edge of a residential district with homes on one side and farmland on the other 3 sides.  The nearest shops (a few very small ones) are about half an hour walk.  A large supermarket is about a 10-minute drive away (6.5 km).

Do you offer discount prices for missionaries?

These are the discounted prices.  We endeavor to keep our prices as low as possible for everything in order to serve the mission community.  We are also volunteer workers, raising our own support.  The fees are only to cover the cost of running the facilities and to provide the syllabus for you.  All the teaching is offered to you free of charge.

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