Online Personal Debriefing

While it is not possible to replicate the synergy that happens when people are together in a retreat with others who have gone through similar experiences in different countries, we can debrief across the internet and fully guide you one-on-one through our  “Exchange at the Cross” debriefing model. 

We use the same 5-day debriefing model, meeting each day one-on-one with you for a minimum of 3 hours.  (If you are a couple or a team, part of the time would be all together.) You would also need to be prepared to set aside at least 3 hours additional personal time to reflect on your experiences through working with the tools we will give you. 

You will be given space to reflect on your reactions to the events of your life and how you have been affected–including your triumphs, disappointments, conflicts and other changes and concerns.  You will have the opportunity to bring closure (where needed) and bring pressing issues into the presence of God.

 The Process. . .

. . .Debriefing and counseling are provided from a Christian, Biblically-based worldview by pastoral care workers trained in debriefing and counseling skills. Prayer ministry is normally a part of this process, with the consent of those participating.

. . .You need to clear your schedule for the week.  You will get far more out of the debriefing if you have designated time free from distractions and heavy responsibility.  The more you can stay in a “retreat” mode, the more you will be able to enter into the debriefing process and gain from times of reflection.

. . . You need a minimum of 3 hours each day to meet with your debriefer and an additional 3 hours each day alone to engage in the exercises and personal reflection that you receive from your debriefer.  The more you put into this time, the more you will get out of it.

. . .Find a quiet, designated place for each meeting with your debriefer that will be free from distractions and interruptions–a place that is safe and intimate, where you are able to express yourself before the Lord without others hearing or being aware of what you are doing.

. . .If you are sharing a house with other people, let them know you are in a meeting and would like not to be disturbed.

. . .Leave your cell phone outside the room to reduce distractions and temptations to look at messages coming in.  If you must have it in the room with you, please put it on silent or airplane mode.

. . .Schedule at least 30 minutes of exercise each day.  It could be a walk, run, or bike ride outside.  If you cannot get outside, try doing stretches, aerobics, or other indoor activity that will raise your heart rate.  Intentional exercise will help your body to breathe deeply and release hormones that feed and refresh your brain and promote healing.


Practical Details. . .

. . .We normally use Zoom to connect with you.   We will send you a link to join the meeting.  If you require a specific app to be used due to your situation, we will discuss possibilities with you.  

. . .A computer or tablet with a functioning camera, microphone, and speaker are required.  We recommend using a screen larger than a smartphone.

. . . You will need several pieces of blank paper (A4, letter size, or larger), and 5 different colored pens, pencils or markers.


How to get involved. . .

. . .Fill out a  Personal Debriefing Retreat application form and check the “Internet Debrief” button.

. . .We will then contact you for specific scheduling.  We may refer you to one of our accredited debriefers around the world for a better timezone fit.

. . . Once you are accepted, we require your payment in advance of the scheduled week.




Prices & How to Pay

If you are working in an organization with salaries, the price is €500 per person.  Anyone working for a volunteer mission (not receiving a salary) is automatically allowed a 50% discount for a total price of €250 per person.

You should pay in advance of your scheduled week by a bank transfer in Euros.  We will send you an invoice once you have been scheduled.  The invoice will give you our bank details.

We are unable to accept credit cards.   You can also do a bank transfer from outside of Europe using or other similar transferring company.  (This is often less expensive than UK or US bank transfers to Europe.)


Find us:

We are physically located in France, only 15 minutes from the Geneva, Switzerland airport: 

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